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iWellnessExam — NEW!

retina examOur practice is committed to protecting your eye health with the most advanced technology available, and we are excited to announce that we now have available the iWellnessExam to help detect retinal problems.

The iWellnessExam (Spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) retinal imaging) is state-of-the-art technology that allows our doctors to see beneath the surface of your retina, where signs of disease may first appear. Traditional eye exams and retinal photography do not provide this level of detail.

The iWellnessExam is performed quickly and easily. The images, similar to an MRI, provide cross sectional views of all the retinal layers with resolution to 2 microns, enabling us to identify very early signs of eye disease or confirm ocular health. Traditional ophthalmoscopy only allows the outer retinal layer to be viewed and evaluated.

• Does someone in your family have diabetes? Regular eye exams, particularly those with the iWellnessExam, can help us detect diabetic retinopathy early and possibly prevent vision loss?

• Does someone in your family have glaucoma?

• Does someone in your family have macular degeneration?

Download a pdf brochure about our new iWellnessExam.