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Board Certified in Optometry

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• Comprehensive Eye Exams
• Treatment and Management of Eye Diseases
• Contact Lens Evaluations, Fitting and Online Ordering
• Lasik Eye Surgery Management
• Emergency Eye Care Services

Retinal photography, using a new digital camera system from Canon, allows for a permanent digital record of the internal aspects of the eye.

Our 3-D Wave Instrument by Nidek is an instrument that gives us a multitude of information about the eye by analyzing the light waves entering and exiting the eye. It measures optical aberrations for day and night vision so that we can more accurately prescribe corrective lenses.

Our new iWellnessExam® is a quick, non-invasive scan that allows our doctors to see beneath the surface of your Retina. This unique technology creates cross-sectional images of the retina similar to an MRI and can help detect vision-threatening diseases in their early stages, when they are most treatable. For more information about this service click here.

Corneal Mapping (Topography) can be beneficial in the diagnosis of unexplained vision problems or problems wearing contact lenses. A computerized eyeglass prescription is then generated within seconds. This allows for a cross reference in prescribing an Rx for glasses and contact lenses.

University Eyecare fits and supplies all types of Contact Lenses, including lenses for all types of visual corrections, medically necessary contact lenses for diseased eyes and specialty lenses for irregular corneas. Soft & Gas Permeable, colored lenses, lenses for Astigmatism, bifocal and specialty lenses for diseased corneas are available.

We are very pleased to now offer the NEW Hybrid Contact Lens by Synergeyes. Get the best of both worlds—the crisp, clear vision of a rigid lens and all-day comfort of a soft lens. The center of this advanced lens is rigid gas permeable (breathable) lens for high-definition vision. The outer skirt is a soft lens to give you all-day comfort.

Dr. Cerrone, optometrist, performs evaluations and management for Lasik Eye Surgery. Pre- and post-op examinations and consultation is carried out through the entire process. A period of 1 year is covered with weekly and monthly follow up visits.